13 Amazing Ways to Save on Shutterfly.com

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13 Amazing Ways to Save on Shutterfly.com

Shutterfly.com is a great web based service for creating personalized gifts. While the website itself may already be pretty inexpensive, creating a plethora of personalized gifts for your beloved family and friends can add up! Luckily, with the thirteen amazing tips listed below, you can create to your heart's content without breaking the bank.

#1 Create an Account

Creating an account with Shutterfly is one of the easiest ways to save! Be sure to add your home address as well as your email address during account creation so you can receive awesome discounts directly to your inbox and your mailbox.

#2 Utilize the First Time Customer Discount

After you create your count, you will receive several freebies on the site as a new customer. Shutterfly will offer you a number of free prints, a free set of address labels, and free magnets too boot. Take advantage of the freebies as they won't last long.

#3 Look for Promotional Codes

The best part about Shutterfly is that the company oftenly offers promotional codes directly on the website itself. You will not have to waste time doing any outside research as the site's promo codes will be laid out in front of you. Shutterfly deals typically consist of free upgrades, free economy or expedited shipping, and extra discounts on photo gifts.

#4 Research Special Offers

Specials offers differ from promo codes, so make sure to look at Shutterfly's special offers page before you check out! Shutterfly provides its users with special offers for additional savings a couple times a year.

#5 Stack Coupons

Believe it or not, Shutterfly actually allows its users to stack multiple discount coupons on one order to really save the big bucks. Try out as many available options as possible, the more combinations you attempt, the more money you will save.

#6 Research Coupons

Google is a great place to look for additional Shutterfly coupons and promo codes.

#7 Follow Coupon Aggregate Sites

Coupon Aggregate Sites like Coupon Sherpa, Brad's Deals, and promocode2018.com are great places to find additions promotional codes and coupons for Shutterfly.com.

#8 Save Your Project

Instead of printing your project right away, try saving it and waiting for a great promotional code or sale to come along. (If you have the time) This way you can print your project when the perfect discount comes along and you won't spend any more money than you original anticipated.

#9 Hold out for Seasonal Sales

Shutterfly offers big savings around the holidays! Think Valentine's Day, Black Friday, and of course Christmas! If you are able to hold off purchasing your book until these peak times of the year - then you will really save a ton! Saving a couple of extra bucks during peak spending season can seriously save your budget and credit card balances.

#10 Don't Throw Out Partnering Companies Coupons

Shutterfly is well known for partnering with a ton of other companies! So when you make purchases from companies like Babies "R" Us or Target be sure to have a good look at your coupons as one for Shutterfly may appear in your packages.

#11 Sign Up for the Rewards Program

In addition to the partnerships listed above, Shutterfly discounts can also be redeemed from point system rewards programs! Huggies, Pampers, Similac Strong Moms, and Jo-Ann Fabrics are all companies who give points towards Shutterfly on through their rewards programs.

#12 Utilize Social Media

Follow Shutterfly on all social media platforms to score exclusive deals! Followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are oftenly offered 'follower' discounts and are the first to know about major sales!

#13 Split your Purchase with a Friend

If you can not find a free shipping code to help take some of the financial burden off of your Shutterfly order, then why not try purchasing with a friend? It only takes $39 dollars to qualify for the everyday free shipping option on shutterfly.com meaning if you and your friend both spent $19.50, you would automatically receive free shipping! Woolah crisis averted!

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