15 Ways to Make Your Holiday Cards Stand Out

15 Ways to Make Your Holiday Cards Stand Out

As the holidays approach, it will be time to start thinking about how you will make your greeting cards unique! Generic cards are quickly becoming old fashioned and outdated making room for more festive creativity. Your holiday greeting cards should truly reflect your family's one of a kind personality. Not to mention, getting creative with your card's theme or idea is an amazing opportunity for your family to get together and collaborate as one unit! The look on your recipient's face will be well worth the time and effort. To help you get a push in the right direction, below you will find a compilation of 15 holiday greeting card ideas that have stood out among the rest.

#1 Blow up Bloopers

Family Holiday Card

While the majority of the population will be choosing their families most perfectly poised photo, why not choose your family's most candid? Your friends and loved ones will surely get a kick out of your dog pulling at your little ones shirt or the funny face your husband did not mean to make. Don't be shy to let those not so perfect moments stand out! Everyone will enjoy a laugh at your hilarious candid.

#2 Put Pets in the Spotlight

Holiday Card with Dog

Let's face it - our pets are like our kids! Thus, when you are designing your holiday greeting card, make sure to add in pictures of your furry friends as well. While it may be too difficult to get your fur babies to sit still by your actual babies, opt for a photo of just your pup or cat alone! Creating a collage of your family photos is a great way to incorporate all of your kids, the furry ones included!

#3 Lights, Lights, Lights

Holiday Card with Christmas Lights

One would be surprised at how well lights come across in a photo instantly adding a festive vibe! Incorporate an old school strand of Christmas lights either behind or around your family in a hug like fashion to create a beautiful Christmas card that is sure to stand out. Lights give a filtered effect that looks lovely on just about anyone!

#4 Throw it Back

Holiday Card with Little Girls

Vintage is cool and if you feel like throwing in that old photo of you as a baby in dressed up as one of Santa's little helpers - no one will complain! Your friends will thoroughly enjoy looking at your current life as well as a couple of throwbacks from the past, just to see how well you have been! Plus, it is super cool to see how much your kids looked like you at the same age. Adding a retro style background or accent design will really bring your holiday greeting card to life.

#5 Recreate Movie Magic

Holiday Card - Couple in Love

If you and your family share a love for the cinema then why not try recreating your favorite movie scene? Not only is this idea fun and creative, it also reflects your family's one of a kind personality. You can even add a festive quote from the movie on the bottom for some extra charm. Be as creative as you want with this idea! Choose from movies such as Elf, Frozen, Home Alone or even Stranger Things.

#6 Coordination Station

Four Guys in Funny Sweaters

Sure you can do the same old song and dance of having the whole family wear different shades of green or red but lets change it up this year and take things to a new level! Instead of just wearing the same color, why not snag some funny sweaters with a different tacky holiday saying for each family member? In this day and age retailers are carrying a plethora of ugly holiday sweaters making it a extremely easy to pull this holiday greeting card idea together.

#7 Make a Winter Wonderland

Winter Face Painting

Christmas can be one of the most magical times of the year, so how about putting a winter wonderland directly onto your holiday card? Each family member can choose a fantastical costume and transform themselves in a winter princess, frosty snowman or the infamous Jack Frost. Let your envision come to life with faux snow and maybe even some added greenery.

#8 Share What's New

Holiday card with an Announcement

Let your holiday card be an announcement for any updates in your family's life! This card can do all of the talking for you and be your yearly newsletter. Show off this past years highlights, travels, and achievements as pictures really are worth a thousand words. Putting your photos together in either a collage or numeric timeline can be two really great ways to get your overall theme across.

#9 Recreate the Past

Past and Present Holidays on The Photo

Have a favorite past holiday moment? Then how about trying to recreate that old family memory on this years holiday card. So dig out those old photo albums and create grown-up versions of those photos as best you can. Recreating similar expressions is key to truly encompassing the same look and feel of that past memory. Make sure to put the past and present photos side by side to give your friends and family a great laugh.

#10 Express Yourself

Holiday Car

Is anyone in your family a budding artist? Then how about featuring your future Picasso's design on the background of your holiday car. Encourage them to get as creative as they can in order to make you holiday greeting card truly stand out among the rest.

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#11 Embrace Action

Sledding in The Boat

Does your family love sports and outdoor activities? Then let your holiday card reflect this characteristic by creating a collage of your family's favorite outdoor pastimes. Make sure to incorporate that great photo of your daughter getting air in her new skis or put up that picture of your son with his latest aquatic catch! This theme is a great way to break away from the normal and overdone Christmas vibe, while still letting your family and friends know what you guys have been up to this past year!

#12 'Hire' Stand-Ins

Holiday Card - Mother and Son

Instead of the traditional family photo, why not let your kid's choose a toy or object that represents them as a stand in during the family photoshoot. Let them get creative as they dress up their favorite figurines as a reflection of themselves. This way you do not have to stress over getting the entire family together at the same time in the same place while still getting to incorporate the family together as a whole!

#13 Alter Your Perspective

Holiday Card - Reflection in a New Year's Toy

Capture a little holiday magic by altering the perspective of your family photo. Instead of a direct photo, try taking the family portrait as a reflection. This angle will really spice up the interest factor in your family photo. Make sure to include a festive holiday background to remain on theme.

#14 Bump Up the Cuteness

Holiday Card - Children Take Center Stage

Don't feel like including yourself in the family holiday card this year? Then don't! Let your children take center stage and bump up your card's cuteness factor. Just highlight your kids adorableness and no one will even notice mom and dad have opted out of the holiday spotlight.

#15 Skip Christmas

Holiday Card - Child in the Show

Christmas holiday cards are overrated. Change up your theme by sending out a New Year's card instead. Creating a New Year's card can be loads of fun - just think confetti, balloons, and party clothes. Show off your family's wild side! Everyone will love receiving your well wishes for the new year ahead.

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