How to Make Holiday Photo Slideshows

Holiday Slideshow Pictures
How to Make Holiday Photo Slideshows

Section 1 - Choosing Your Holiday

With multiple holidays throughout each year, it can be hard to narrow down creating a slideshow for just one. In order to help you get started on the selection process we have created a list of the top five most popular holiday slideshows below. However, if you have a unique idea of your own - feel free to go with your own theme. There are no standard set of rules when it comes to creating an awesome holiday slideshow.

Idea #1 Surprise Birthday Slideshow

Birthday Slideshow

One of the top picked holiday slideshows is the birthday surprise slideshow. Give your best friend the gift of nostalgia by giving them a surprise birthday slideshow. Just make sure to coordinate with the party host to make sure the birthday slideshow can be put on without too many complications.

Idea #2 Wedding Slideshow

Wedding Slideshow

Running out of original gift ideas for your newlywed friends? Then why not try your hand at creating a wedding slideshow full of beautiful wedding photos from the ceremony as well as the reception.

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Idea #3 Christmas Slideshow

Holidays Slideshow

Bring the family closer together by making a slideshow of your entire year at a glance that can be shown on Christmas. Start a fire, pass out hot cocoa, and start up your cozy Christmas Slideshow.

Idea #4 New Year Slideshow

New Year Slideshow

Instead of sending out New Years postcards, host a New Years Slideshow party. Creating a beautiful New Years slideshow is a great excuse to get all of your friends and family together.

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Idea #5 Valentine's Day Slideshow

Valentine's Day Slideshow

Show your partner how much you love them by putting together a romantic Valentine's Day slideshow. This is a brilliant and unique Valentines day gift that allows you both to reflect upon your love.

Section 2 - Creating Your Slideshow

The Leawo Photo Slideshow maker (Leawo Video Converter Ultimate) is a user friendly yet professional level photo slideshow converting software that will bring life to your holiday photographs. This software can create holiday slideshows in several different video formats including AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, and MKV. Plus, it is a one click slideshow maker which instantly turns any uploaded photos into a professional grade holiday slideshow. Just make sure to follow the guide and you will be creating one of a kind, holiday slideshows with the Leawo Video Converter Ultimate in no time. (Mac Users will need to download the Leawo Video Converter Ultimate Software Version for Mac)

Step #1 Import Your Selected Photos

To begin, chose the 'Covert' module on the submenu once you enter the software's main interface. Then you will need to click the button named 'Add Photo' which will allow you to browse through all of your holiday photos that you have selected to turn into a slideshow. Upon uploading, the converting software will automatically turn your desired photographs into a professional level holiday slideshow. After the upload is completed you should be able to click the thumbnail icon in order to play back your newly created holiday slideshow.

Step #2 Edit Your Slideshow

To edit your slideshow photos you will need to choose the 'Edit' icon listed on the preview panel. This button will allow you to enter the slideshow editor interface. Next you will need to open up your newly created video where you will then be invited to adjust the video's settings. You can alter your videos transition duration, photo duration, and transitional effect. In order to adjust your photos order all you need to do is drag and drop each photo to insert it into its correct position within the photo timeline.

To edit the audio portion of your slideshow, you will want to choose the 'audio' button on the editing panel. Click the 'Add Music' button to add any music from your computer that you would like generated into the background of your holiday slideshow. Music is a great way to spice up any high quality slideshow. Keep in mind that you are aloud to add multiple songs to your slideshow and the music can be changed to match photo positioning and transitioning.

Step #3 Set Up Your Output Format

In order to set up your output format you will want to enter into the drop down box next to the 'Add Photo' button. This drop down box will be titled MP4 video by default but you can change this option by entering the profile panel and selecting the output format you would like to utilize. Pro Note: In order to alter the video and audio parameters of your output profile click the 'Edit' button on the profile setting panel. This interface will allow you to adjust the video's Bitrate, Aspect Ratio, Video Codec, Resolution, Audio Codec, Frame Rate, Chanel, and Audio Bitrate.

Step #4 Output Your Holiday Slideshow

In order to output your video you will want to click the green 'Convert' button located on the programs main interface. Next, you will want to choose the 'Save to' option box (choose which format your video will be saved to) and then click the 'convert' button on the bottom. This will begin the final conversion of your photo slideshow generating it into your desired format. Once this last conversion is finished, you will find the completed version of your holiday photo slideshow in the output directory.

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