Top Photo Storage & Sharing Sites

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Top Photo Storage & Sharing Sites

When it comes to choosing a place to store and later share your photos from, it is important to consider a few key factors. You will want to take space, quality, user interface, accessibility, sharability, and printability into consideration. The site should be able to host all of your photos in one place for a low annual fee and your photos should be preserved in their original, high resolution state and not compressed to pixelation station. You should also be able to upload and edit your photos with only a few clicks of a button! The site will also need to be easily accessible with features like finding photos by dates or tags. At some point in time you will want to share the photos you have stored and this process should be relatively simple and allow you to post straight to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read on below for the 11 top rated photo storage and sharing sites.

#11 Flickr

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Established in 2004 by Yahoo, Flicker was one of the first places to store your photography. The interface hosts an impressive 1TB of free space (with commercial ads) to any user who desires to store their photos on the site. There is also a premium option for $5.99 (monthly) or $49.99 (annually) to store your photos without commercial ads. Additionally, when you subscribe to Flickr you will receive 0.20 cents off an annual subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, which is a nice added bonus. On Flickr there are a plethora of features to utilize including tagging features, a variety of resolution downloading (including original size), a drag and drop organizational photo collection system, as well as offering a massive amount of photo storage. Flicker is an Editor's Choice Award winner and a great storage/sharing site for serious photographers.

#10 500 Pixels

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500 Pixels markets itself toward highly experienced photographers and features an image centric design which will place your photos front and center. This interface offers an elegant yet clean display where you can organize your photos into sets by theme or stories by event. 500 Pixels comes in a free version as well as a couple of optional paid versions. The free version of 500 Pixels will allow twenty photo uploads a week as well as a 2,000 photo limit. The 'Awesome' paid version is $4.99 (monthly) and will grant you access to unlimited uploads and storage for your photos. The two other paid versions 'Pro' ($4.99 monthly) and Pro+ ($19.99 monthly) will also grant you access to unlimited uploads and storage as well as a plethora of other customizable options. A discount is also offered for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Not to mention, you can sell your photos (royalty-free) off of 500 Pixels which could prove to be an extra secondary source of income.

#9 Facebook

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Facebook is highly recognized as the king of social media websites but surprisingly enough, Facebook also offers amazing photo storage, photo sharing, and even a great set of simple photo editing tools. You may either upload your photos to Facebook either directly from your cellphone or off of your cameras SD card. Once uploaded, you are able to create photo albums with captions, location/date tags, and even personal identifiers on Facebook. Recently, Facebook has added facial recognition which means that it will recognize your face and the faces of your close friends making it easy to find and identify pictures with certain people in them. However, keep in mind that Facebook will compress your photos down to either 720 or 960 pixels. There is absolutely no way to share the original size of your image on Facebook but if all of your family and friends are already participating on Facebook, it is an efficient way of sharing your favorite shots with your loved ones.

#8 Photobucket

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Photobucket offers a massive amount of storage on an easy to use interface with a plethora of editing tools! What more could one want? On Photobucket you can expect to find smart coloring brushes, color/saturation alterers, and basic organizational tags. There is a free version of Photobucket as well as three paid versions. The free version of Photobucket features 2 GB of space however there are commercial ads throughout your experience. The first paid level of Photobucket named 'Plus 50' is $59.99 a year which grants you 52 GB of storage. 'Plus 100' is the second paid level of Photobucket and for $99.99 a year you will receive 102 GB of storage. 'Commerce' is Photobuckets premium third party hosting version and it will run you $399.99 a year for tech support, over a million photos worth of storage, and an add free space. Photobucket also provides a place where you can sell prints of your photography, or any other merchandise featuring your photography.

#7 Canon - Irista

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Irista is perhaps one of the newest photo storing and sharing websites that has been established by the Canon camera brand. Plus, you do not need to own a Canon camera to utilize the cool site. Irist offers users a large variety of features like Mac/Windows uploader programs, quick photo sharing support to social media platforms, impressive tagging, and effortless album creation. A free account on Irista will get you 15 GB of photo storage or for just $2.25 a month you can reap 100 GB of storage. For photography professionals Irista hosts a third, Premium account which will get you 1TB of photo storage for $12.99 a month.

#6 SmugMug

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SmugMug is a design centric site that offers you a stylish platform to store your photos within. You are able to customize your storage home page with one of the sites predesigned templates and reap a whopping unlimited amount of photo storage. As if that wasn't enough, SmugMug additionally allows 1080p Video uploading as well as a wide variety of photo editing tools! Keep in mind there is no free version of SmugMug but there is a fourteen day trial to see if you like using the site or not. The cheapest level of the the site will cost you $5.99 (monthly) or $39.99 (annually).

#5 iCloud

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The Apple iCloud photo storage service truly caters to its own Apple users but you can access the sites basic features without the use of a Mac laptop or Apple smartphone. Upload 5GB of free photo storage and share it in seconds on the cloud based photo stream. Your photos can be tagged with either names or locations and you can even invite other iCloud users to view your albums. It is a great way to stay connected and share photos of any recent event you and your friends or fellow photographers may have all attended together. You can also create calendars, greeting cards, and photobooks within iClouds services for as little as $19.99 for twenty pages. Any photo storage above 5GB will call for a fee. For example, 10GB will cost you $20 annually.

#4 Google Photos

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Originally, the Google photo sharing service was intended to be a way for Google users to backup their computers photos and videos. However, Google Photos has evolved into a full fledged photo sharing and editing interface! After you upload your desired photographs onto the site you will then be invited to either edit, share, or create an album of your work. Plus, the site grants immediate photo sharing to either the public or a small personally selected group of Google users. Google Photos grants an unlimited amount of photo storage and upload with one catch - you can only upload these photos at a resolution of 16 megapixels (maximum). If you want to upload and store pictures that are any larger than 16 megapixels, you will need to pay for Google Drive Space which starts at 100GB for $1.99 a month.

#3 My Portfolio

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My Portfolio is a service that is offered by Adobe to the users of their Creative Cloud Software subscription. This photography subscription grants users access to highly coveted programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom for a monthly fee. The paid subscription will cost you anywhere between #9.99 for 2GB of photo storage and $49.99 for 20 GB of storage. My Portfolio features a clean and simple interface which creates beautiful picture portfolios from your uploaded files. There are six customisable templates to choose from and they can either be uploaded or changed with each new photo project you upload. On this interface your photos may be tagged individually as well as labeled with personal captions. My Portfolio is a user friendly photo storage site works well for Adobe members.

#2 Dropbox

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Dropbox is a cloud based photo file sharing service that is able to upload photographs automatically from either your smartphone or desktop. Once your photographs have been sent to the Dropbox cloud, you will then be invited to either share your photos (with other Dropbox members) or create slideshows of your work. The downside to Dropbox is that you are unable to tag, print, or edit your photo files. Essentially, Dropbox is a great place for photographers to back up their work in a permanent storage space. Dropbox offers users a free 2GB plan or a Pro 2TB plan for a monthly fee of $15.99.

#1 Amazon Prime Photos

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Prime Photos is a photo sharing site offered to Amazon Prime Members. ($99 annual fee for a prime membership) On Prime Photos you are able to store and share an unlimited amount of photos via your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Additionally, the service lets you create calendars, greeting cards, and professional prints of your photographs with free shipping. Users are encouraged to invite their friends and family members to join Prime Photos in order to use one of their specialized features known as the 'family vault' where you are all able to share selected photos together in one large album. Prime Photos is also compatible with Fire TV and Echo Show which is perfect for sharing holiday photo slideshows at your next family gathering.

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