Where to Get the Best Photo Book

Family Photo Books
Where to Get the Best Photo Book

Personalized photo books always make a perfect gift. They are real keepsakes filled with exciting memories and bright moments of the family vacations and events. It is not difficult to create a personal photo book, but with such a profusion of online photo-book printing services, how to choose the best one? For the third consecutive year, Mixbook is rated number one because of its great tool set, functionality and a vast choice of wonderful content. In addition, users find Mixbook's interface very easy and fun to use. You can rely on Mixbook's software to get access to huge searchable libraries of fantastic content and create a skillfully designed personalized photo book distinguished by excellent quality of photo reproduction, exposure and clarity.

Apple Photo is the best pick in terms of value, as it offers quality nicely packaged printed books at a great price.

Best Photo Book Service: Mixbook (Editors' Choice Award)

Mixbook Photo Book

Even though Mixbook's photo books are expensive they are very appealing, creative and make the entire process of designing a personal photo book a real delight. The book is fun to make due to the flexible easy-to-use software and a nice selection of clip art, templates and backgrounds. Plus the book itself is very beautiful, and the quality of photo reproduction is the highest. Also Mixbook's photo books are distinguished by the best color balance among all the books' pictures. These are the reasons why Mixbook's photo books will make an excellent keepsake or gift. The only drawback our experts have found is that there is no drop shadow for text or clip art.

Best Value: Apple Photo

Apple Photo Book

Apple Photo Book is the best in terms of the price. You will get stunningly beautiful physical book at the price you will love. Even though Apple's software is not as diverse as that of Mixbook's, it is also very easy to use. This photo book printing service has limited creative options with rigid layouts and no clip art, but the quality of photo reproduction is very good.


Picaboo Photo Book

Picaboo's photo book software is nearly as creative and flexible as that of Mixbook's. It's fun, easy to use, and offers nice content. Its extensive library of fully editable templates, beautiful backgrounds and nice clip art will enable you to create a highly customized book. But the book itself is of average quality, with poor photo exposure and sometimes inconsistent colors. Unfortunately, there is no drop shadow for text and page navigation is far from being smooth.


Shutterfly Photo Books

Shutterfly features excellent nicely flexible software that offers a great variety of wonderful fully editable templates and layouts, backgrounds and clip art. However, the interface is a bit cumbersome and there are no drop shadows. When it comes to physical book it is really lovely and high quality. See also 13 Amazing Ways to Save on Shutterfly.com


Costco Photo Book

The biggest advantage of Costco's photo-book-creation software is its great flexibility. Its software is similar to that of Nations Photo Lab's, however Costco's software features more content, and all its content is extremely appealing, including a well-organized collection of clip art and cutouts. Plus, the quality of Costco's physical book is rather good. However, Costco's customers pointed out such drawbacks as uneven photo reproduction, scarce photo effects, no user-defined drop shadows and no option to cancel auto-fill of book with the user' photos.


Snapfish Photo Book

Snapfish is known for its nice photo-book software. The content and features are quite good, with appealing page design options and an extensive library of various templates, backgrounds, and clip art. However, the quality of the physical photo book could be better.

Amazon Print

Amazon Print Screenshot

Amazon Print is definitely not the best option for a personalized photo book. The software features less content than Snapfish does, although it does offer a good collection of cute clip art and provides all the necessary tools for page design. However, the printed book turns out not as attractive as those produced by photo book printing services mentioned above.

Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab Photo Book

The last on our list is Nations Photo Lab as the quality of their physical book failed to meet the customers' expectations. The physical photo book couldn't be the one you'd be proud to give as sometimes endpapers didn't even cover the binding linen. Nations Photo Lab's biggest advantage is flexible software featuring fully editable templates, a wide selection of layouts and nice backgrounds. However, their text tool is hard to use and they don't offer clip art. Photo reproduction is uneven and the photos don't look their best.

"Photo book - a modern way to decorate your favorite photos, each of which is worthy of a separate page in your life."

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